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Need a vacation or urgent travel? Get a tailored travel loan through Bravo Finance for stress-free funding, and book your trip today with no hassle.

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Secure your journey with a Bravo Finance Holiday Loan. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable financial support for your travels.

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Apply today and secure your funds in advance, giving you the freedom to plan and book your getaway.

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Whether you’re planning a family holiday or have an emergency travel requirement, let's get you out of here in no time.

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Whether it's the sunny Gold Coast or the frosty slopes, no matter your destination, we're ready to support your upcoming adventure.

Travel and holiday loans through Bravo Finance

Whether you’re jet-setting internationally or exploring the breathtaking vistas of Aotearoa, Bravo Finance is on hand with custom holiday loans to get your travels underway.

What can you use a holiday loan for?

A Bravo Finance holiday loan is versatile, covering nearly all your travel needs. Use it for flight tickets, hotel stays, meals, sightseeing activities, travel insurance, and even additional spending money.

When do repayments for a holiday loan begin?

Like our other loan offerings, repayments for a holiday loan with Bravo Finance start immediately. This adheres to a pre-arranged weekly, fortnightly, or monthly plan. Delaying repayments until after your vacation or at a future date is not permissible.

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Disclaimer: Results from this calculator are to be used as a guide only. It is not a quote or an offer of finance. It is not an indication of loan pre-qualification. The calculation uses an example rate of 13.95% p.a. and is based on amortised fixed payments and the interest rate for the term of the loan.

Loan terms and things you need to know: Loan applications are subject to Responsible Lending Enquiries. Repayments shown are indicative only and exclude Brokerage Fees. Interest rates for personal loans range from 10.95% to 24.95% p.a. Loan terms range from 6 to 60 months. Full disclosure of all of the terms of your loan (including the total amount payable over the term of the loan) will be provided to you prior to the finalisation of your loan. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is optional and has NOT been included in the payment amounts on the calculator.